TWT is a company I cannot recommend enough. There’s no surprise billing, no downtime in terms of service, and it’s never been a let down. Not even once.
Alex Putici, Founder, Work Nicer Alex Putici, Founder, Work Nicer

Partnering to help Calgary entrepreneurs work for themselves, not by themselves.

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Work Nicer Coworking 

Effective IT - the Foundational Pillar of a Successful Business 

Work Nicer is a co-working space which provides Calgarians a shared physical location in the downtown core to work, collaborate, and creatively build their businesses. Catering to entrepreneurs and small businesses, Work Nicer’s mantra is that working for yourself doesn’t necessarily mean you have to work by yourself, and hopes to build Calgary’s vibrant entrepreneur community through its services.

Work Nicer Common Space

Opening in 2015 with little more than a large empty space, Work Nicer has grown to include over 300 members. With a goal of building and supporting Alberta’s entrepreneur community, and not just Calgary’s, they recognized that one of the most fundamental assets of being a successful service provider was having quality, consistent IT and WiFi. When self-managing all their own IT wasn’t working or proving effective, they decided to partner with a like-minded, entrepreneurial IT service provider who could deliver on their promises, and provide reliable service.


TWT's Managed IT Solution

Working Behind the Scenes, So Calgarians Can Get Work Done

One of the biggest challenges faced by Work Nicer was network quality and efficient WiFi - something essential for exceptional service and to be successful. As Work Nicer described, “without WiFi or efficient Internet, it’s kind of a full stop for people and our clients to be able to do their work, and that is a big issue.”

To get to the root of the problem, TWT did a thorough initial audit of Work Nicer’s IT infrastructure, and recommended a number of solutions to help Work Nicer work more efficiently. TWT first replaced the company’s systems with a Meraki system, as well as replaced all access points, firewalls and routers, allowing TWT to completely manage everything remotely.

Work Nicer Members Working

To provide added value, TWT also integrated Work Nicer’s new system with their existing member management software, building a custom solution that allows them to automatically check-in members when devices are connected to the company network. As many members are on a plan where they have access to the space for a certain number of days per month, this new integration also allows for automatic tracking, reducing manual workload and internal processes. Management at Work Nicer are also able to gain insight into usage, members, access times, as well as other member analytics. This integration overarchingly helps Work Nicer make better business decisions, provide a better customer experience, and better project future growth.

“TWT’s ability to provide the service we need, wherever and whenever we need it, is essential. As much as it sounds simple, it really is the backbone to the services we provide to our members. Now, we can make better business decisions and improve the offline aspects of our business.”

-Alex Putici