With TWT as our partner, our growth as a national agency is wholly supported.
Ryan Townend, CEO, William Joseph Communications Ryan Townend, CEO, William Joseph Communications

Managing the Technology That Powers a Leading Marketing Agency

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William Joseph Communications

Setting the Stage for Success with Technology Solutions Tailored for Growth

William Joseph Communications is a full-service strategic marketing and branding agency with offices in Alberta (Calgary, Red Deer and Grande Prairie) as well as Saskatoon, SK. For the last 15 years, the agency has helped their neighbours triumph on a local, national, and international scale by tying global thinking to rural roots and using strategic and creative thinking to create smart solutions to a diverse range of marketing opportunities.

William Joseph was always careful to manage their growth. With a collaborative boutique agency approach as a core strength, the agency had a five-year goal to steadily grow their team around core clients in a methodical manner; however, soon realized that they were exceeding this growth schedule. As an up-and-coming entrepreneurial company, the agency was looking for an IT partner who shared similar values and acted with a passion equal to that of William Joseph. They also required a team of IT professionals who understood the challenges faced by growing companies with big ambitions, and hoped to collaborate with one who could provide managed solutions that would seamlessly integrate with the agency’s current and future operations.

With a similar approach to operations and strategic partnerships, in 2016, TWT partnered with William Joseph to improve their IT systems, increase efficiency, and help set the stage for rapid growth in Canada. The agency identified that their clients demand they perform efficiently and meet extremely tight deadlines, so other than growing quickly, their biggest IT challenge was ensuring 100% uptime and seamless integration between all Alberta and Saskatchewan offices.

TWT's Managed IT Solution

TWT’s approach to technology is very hands-on, and they began by developing a strategic roadmap that analyzed William Joseph’s current situation, which included a thorough review of the agency’s IT systems, processes and security measures throughout all business applications. This insight, as well as an analysis of where the agency needed to be IT-wise based on business objectives, set the foundation for TWT’s IT implementation plan.

TWT identified that, in addition to having a slow network, the agency needed an upgraded server, phone system, as well as a new system that would allow for seamless collaboration between multiple agency branches. TWT got to work applying innovate solutions using the latest technology across a multitude of business applications. William Joseph received a full overhaul of their network, including firewall, switches and WiFi, as well as a state-of-the-art server that would be suitable for future growth. With the help of Versature, TWT also implemented an upgraded phone system, and made a point to implement solutions that had zero downtime, and not only worked, but often saved on cost.

“Our technology empowers us now. We have near seamless integration between all our offices, and with TWT as our partner, our growth as a national agency is wholly supported.”

-Ryan Townend