Meet the TWT Team
Meet the TWT Team

Meet your IT department.

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Whatever happens, TWT’s team of IT professionals can handle it.

TWT collects IT professionals with a wide range of backgrounds so that our team can bring your business a wide range of experience and expertise. Once you’re a client, you’ll be assigned a TWT team member as your primary contact but know the right people will be pulled in whenever needed to help solve any business challenges that might arise.

We are ‘ROWE’rs.

TWT is a Result-Only Work Environment. If you’ve never heard the term before and you feel like learning something new today, check it out. If not, all you really need to know is that each person in TWT is focused on achieving what your business needs, when you need it. And each person at TWT is 100% accountable.

The team at TWT really rolls up their sleeves and works closely with us to ensure even the tiniest pain point is eliminated.

– Ryan Townend, CEO William Joseph Communications

Meet Shawn Freeman, Founder & CEO

Shawn Freeman

Born and bred in Calgary, Shawn founded TWT Group with the goal of making IT easy instead of infuriating. He generously lends his IT skills to several Calgary non-profit organizations, including Youth Central in the Kahanoff Conference Centre. And has contributed on technology and entrepreneurship to major global communications including: Entrepreneur, The Huffington PostInc., Notable, and Forbes.

published in Entrepeneur, Inc., Huff Post, and Forbes

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