With TWT, there’s never radio silence. They are there when you need them, always.
Lara Murphy, Co-Founder, Ryan Murphy Construction Inc. Ryan Townend, CEO, William Joseph Communications

Delivering a Personal Approach to Managed IT Solutions

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Ryan Murphy Construction 

An Ambitious Mandate Requires Intuitive Solutions

As a multi-skilled general contracting firm, Ryan Murphy Construction builds incredible spaces for both companies and people in Calgary, Alberta. Specializing in construction, renovations, management, and maintenance services, Ryan Murphy Construction has more than 30 years of residential and commercial build experience, and are well-known for their diverse portfolio.

Active in the Calgary business community, TWT and Ryan Murphy Construction travel in similar circles. Upon getting to know one another, Ryan Murphy Construction brought their dissatisfaction with a larger IT service provider to TWT’s attention. Between the glitches, lack of communication, and slow response time, Ryan Murphy Construction also indicated that they never felt comfortable reaching out when there was an issue, as whenever their IT service provider did respond, it often had an air of frustration.

TWT offered to perform a complimentary initial assessment to determine if there were any significant issues other than the service being provided by the larger IT company. After conducting an initial assessment, and in recognizing similar growth strategies as up-and-coming Calgary businesses, Ryan Murphy Construction decided to partner with TWT, a Managed IT service provider that could deliver the level of service they needed.

TWT's Managed IT Solution

How Shifting to Managed IT Set Ryan Murphy Construction Up for Success

From the onset, Ryan Murphy Construction noted that TWT’s level of service was exceptional. As they do with all of their clients, TWT ensured that Ryan Murphy Construction had a dedicated point-of-contact, giving them continuous access to TWT and someone who is ready to help, no matter the issue. TWT always guarantees no radio silence, including no automated responses, so that Ryan Murphy Construction can always talk to a real person who knows their business.

When it came to IT infrastructure, TWT worked so that the company’s servers were noticeably quicker, shifting from an in-house server to one that is Cloud-based. This allows anyone on the Ryan Murphy Construction team to access what they need whenever they need it with ease, either on or off site.

As Lara Murphy from Ryan Murphy Construction says:

We’re both growing companies, and knowing what I know about Shawn and his team, we’re companies that will continue to grow and thrive. There will be a symbiotic relationship for years to come, and I look forward to continuing to grow together.

“Transitioning can be huge, and can take a lot of time and energy. TWT’s responsiveness, humble attitude, and their ability to find a quick resolution to any challenge is well worth it. I wouldn’t hesitate to put TWT’s name forward and recommend them to a friend.”

-Lara Murphy