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TWT Group unveils new website for growing IT business


Today is a big day for TWT Group. We’re proud to unveil our new website, a sleek, interactive design packed with brand new content and resources for our clients and staff.

Year in review

We kept pace with our growth by focusing on:

Service excellence: We provided 24/7 proactive support to our customers via phone, email and text, and crafted individual IT plans for unique businesses

Simplicity: We were upfront about costs and avoid complicated IT "geek speak". We ensured our clients had the right solution so they don’t have to replace it next year.

Investment in our clients: We took the time to assess several systems that enable us to save our clients money, as well we have also looked outside of what our competitors are doing in order to ensure we provide the best value, not just copy everyone else.

2013 was a great year for our team, we have learnt a lot and taken a few lessons to heart and genuinely improved our company. We plan to continue to implement systems that make our client’s lives easier. Our growth is looking to continue in full force in 2014 as the word spreads about us (thank you to our amazing clients who refer us constantly) but we will not sacrifice service to our current clients in order to gain more — that we promise you. We look forward to a great year of innovative game changing IT Service in Calgary

We were fortunate enough to be recognized for our hard work in the Calgary community. In October, TWT was nominated for a small business award from the Calgary Chamber of Commerce. Our founder Shawn Freeman became a regular columnist on cloud computing with

We look forward to a great 2014 with all our clients!


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