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2013 Breakout Business Nominee


As you may know, TWT Group was recently nominated for a small business award by the Calgary Chamber of Commerce. Ultimately, we weren’t chosen as a finalist but just being nominated forced me to wake up and realize just how far our little company has come, the hard work it has taken to get here and how we can keep improving to provide our clients with the best IT service in Calgary.

Technology, Wisdom and Trust are the three pillars we stand on and without those we feel our clients, friends and family would be at a major disadvantage. We strive every day to keep those at the forefront of everything we do.

 We’d like to give a bow to Village Brewery for winning the Small Business of the Year award. How can we compete with a brewery that takes so much initiative in the community and is a home-brewed craft beer? Congrats to them.

Whether you’re here in Calgary trying to recover from the recent flood damage, or just fighting with your laptop that just gave you the lovely blue screen of death, we are all in this together. Never give up, don’t forget to encourage one another, and celebrate all the successes we enjoy every day — even if they don’t come with plaques and trophies.

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