managed IT services for small, medium, and large businesses in the Calgary region
managed IT services for small, medium, and large businesses in the Calgary region

Managed IT can be your business' hidden strategic advantage.

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Managing IT is what we do.

We’ve been called computer geeks once or twice. And we take that as a compliment because technology is what we love.

But we’re more than computer geeks. We’re managers too. We take on the daily (weekly, monthly, yearly) management and strategic planning of your business technology needs. We work collaboratively with you to determine an IT plan that will work for your team right now and also support you as your company grows.

Always great service and quick responses no matter the time. A little surprising when you get a response late at night, so that just goes to show you how dedicated they are.

– Shawn Geauvreau

Managed IT can help you reduce costs and maximize productivity.

Managed IT puts an entire IT team at your service - working where and when you need them. The strategic planning and budgeting for hardware, and access to vendor partners mean you are making better purchasing decisions for your team. And 24 hour support combined with proactive maintenance planning means your business will experience less downtime.

preventing IT catastrophes

IT Data Breaches are a Rising Threat for Businesses.

Protect Your Business

What does TWT’s Managed IT service include?

Outsourcing your IT doesn’t mean you have to look overseas. We enjoy knowing our clients and our clients knowing us. That’s why we’re never far away. When you become one of our clients, you get:

  • Unlimited 24 hour IT Support
  • Network Management
  • System Monitoring
  • Backup Services
  • Managed Vendor Relations
  • IT Consulting

Does Managed IT make sense for your business? Ask yourself:

The truth is, Managed IT is a great solution for many businesses that depend on technology. It allows for easier monthly budgeting, better year to year resource planning, and often more responsive support.

If you’re ready to talk about how Managed IT can be your business’ strategic advantage, let’s talk.