I always tell my customers any advice I give them is the same advice I’d give my best friend. Trust me when I say, when you engage with TWT, you’ll thank me later.
Doug McCrae, Vice President, CIP Document Solutions Ryan Townend, CEO, William Joseph Communications

Creating Massive Value with Strategic IT

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CIP Document Solutions

Building a Bridge Between CIP’s Current IT Infrastructure and Future Business Goals

CIP Document Solutions is Canada’s largest premium copier and service centre, and delivers industry-leading print services, equipment, device training, break-fix maintenance, software, and customer service. Headquartered in Calgary, Canada, CIP has been in business since 1981. For CIP, providing value for money means everything. So, when their large IT service provider was lacking responsiveness, customer service and, more importantly, value for the price, the company knew it needed to find another solution.

In 2014, CIP was introduced to TWT’s Shawn Freeman through mutual business contacts. Recognizing a need to find a true IT partner and service provider who could focus on everything IT-related, so CIP could focus on its core competencies, CIP decided to leave its current IT provider, come to the “dark side,” and partner with TWT.

TWT's Managed IT Solution

Implementing IT Solutions for Continued Growth and Success

TWT began with a complete review and analysis of CIP’s current situation and IT infrastructure, and then compared the findings with CIP’s desired future goals. Noticing large discrepancies between the two, TWT immediately got to work on bridging the gap between the company’s current situation and future aspirations.

Despite being reassured by their previous IT provider that all systems and software were up-to-date, and therefore compliant, TWT noticed that this was not the case. They began by updating and patching all of CIP’s software to bring the company back up to code and protect them from any cyberattack, ransomware, or data breaches. CIP noted that this realization immediately instilled peace of mind and trust in the relationship between the company and TWT.

TWT also implemented a proper backup and disaster recovery system to protect CIP’s data. We also implemented a full network upgrade to Cisco Meraki to ensure proper security and secure wireless access. Proactive strategic planning has become a norm for CIP now and TWT is always helping them look for ways to improve.

“We had the best year in the history of our company the past two years running, because we’ve been able to focus on our core competencies and not be bogged down with issues associated with a poor IT infrastructure. TWT’s IT approach has helped us transform our business.”

-Doug McCrae