TWT Case Studies
TWT Case Studies

We empower businesses in Calgary to grow by providing reliable, secure and innovative IT solutions.

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TWT employs IT professionals with a wide range of backgrounds so that our team can bring your business a wide range of experience and expertise. Take a look at how we’ve implemented managed IT with businesses in Calgary to help set them up for growth.

Our success comes from your success.

When the “Big Guys” Couldn’t, TWT Was There

Bow Valley ClubBefore TWT, Bow Valley Club was with an international service provider and was experiencing significant IT challenges. They would often lose contact, emails would fail, and they wouldn’t get messages. Sometimes, their entire system would be down for a day or so, often at crucial times. 

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TWT’s Managed IT solution set the KAYAK team up for success.

KAYAK Online MarketingWhen KAYAK was moving to a new space (doubling the footprint), it was the perfect opportunity for owner Randy to look at all the existing networking technology and processes that were in place and make some changes to help support KAYAK’s growth plan.

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Setting the Stage for Success with Technology Solutions Tailored for Growth.

William Joseph CommunicationsWilliam Joseph had a five-year goal to steadily grow their team around core clients in a methodical manner; however, soon realized that they were exceeding this growth schedule. As an up-and-coming entrepreneurial company, the agency was looking for an IT partner who shared similar values and acted with a passion equal to that of William Joseph.

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Your technology needs to work for your team to work.

Technology is a necessary part of every business. When you hire TWT as your Managed IT provider, you can focus on your core strengths and your business. You can build the team you need knowing they have access to the wisdom and technology they need to help your business succeed. Let’s talk and see what TWT can do to help you grow your business.