As we look ahead, we know TWT will continue to guide us.
Steve Cropper, President, Bow Valley Club Steve Cropper, President, Bow Valley Club

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Bow Valley Club

When the “Big Guys” Couldn’t, TWT Was There

Located in the core of Calgary’s downtown, the members-only Bow Valley Club provides nearly 1,400 executives and professionals with a place to exercise, dine and entertain clients. The club has squash courts and separate workout areas for men and women, and also offers massage and wellness services.

Before TWT, Bow Valley Club was with an international service provider and was experiencing significant IT challenges. They would often lose contact, emails would fail, and they wouldn’t get messages. Sometimes, their entire system would be down for a day or so, often at crucial times. They were very unhappy with the solutions, communication and customer service that they were receiving from one of the “Big Guys.” They needed a solution.

“Shawn Freeman and his team know that we need time to digest where they’re going. They don’t talk over our heads. They listen.”

TWT's Managed IT Solution

Delivering Seamless IT Solutions Built for a Successful Future

With their first consult with Bow Valley Club, TWT performed an initial assessment.

A representative from Bow Valley Club explained, “After our first meeting, we were very impressed with Shawn Freeman in terms of his knowledge of our business and what he could do for us. As we began working together, we were equally impressed with his response time. That’s one of the company’s real features in my opinion — the ability to move quickly by phone, email or texting. They are on us every time we’re calling. You barely hang up the phone and they are on top of whatever we need them to do.”

After an in-depth analysis, TWT identified that the BVC’s network was out-of-date and a major problem. There were also significant wiring issues which caused even more of a challenge. TWT immediately replaced the BVC’s network, both hard-wired and wireless, with a new Cicso Meraki system, as well as re-did all the wiring. TWT also mediated any server stability issues by replacing the server, virtually eliminating all day-to-day issues the club was having. 

Since TWT’s implementations, the BVC has experienced a noticeable difference in their WiFi quality and has had no complaints from customers, staff, or stakeholders. Having been a client for a long time, everything has been stable since initial upgrades, and both TWT and the BVC feel confident that the club’s IT is now proactively taken care of instead of reactive. As they continue their partnership and look ahead, TWT plans to further optimize operations and improve efficiencies through state-of-the-art technology, an updated phone system, as well as a system for recording orders and tracking sales.

"It's been a year, and we've completely redone our IT business. It's seamless. As we look ahead, we know TWT will continue guide us." - Steve Cropper