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#YYCFLOOD – Business continuity and disaster recovery


As I’m sure you’re aware, the #yycflood has caused significant outages, evacuations, utility issues, and damage across Calgary. I hope you, your family and all your colleagues are safe and secure.

Since the flooding in Calgary, our systems have remained operational and all our clients have continued to receive email and support. Clients outside of the downtown core have been able to continue working without risk. Many of our clients using the TWT cloud have been able to continue working normally from home.

 We provide your business with a continuity and disaster recovery plan, a critical aspect of any strategic IT plan. This plan should lay out what systems you need to access in the event of a disaster like this flood.

  • Is your email down? Let’s make sure that never happens again.
  • If your servers are under water, can you get the your data back? Unfortunately, many companies who lose data in a disaster go bankrupt.
  • Are your critical business systems offline? Let’s make sure we have a plan to enable your employees to work from home and keep the revenue coming in.

If you know of any business owner affected by this outage without IT support or whose IT support team is unable to respond, we are available to support those business owners in creating and acting upon a disaster recovery plan.

We believe in Calgary. We know this is going to have a tremendous impact on small and medium businesses. We want to help you get back online and back to work to minimize the chances of businesses failing or going bankrupt.

If we can be of any service or assistance, please send an email to or contact our office at 403-775-6103. Stay safe, Calgary.

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