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TWT Group has been asked to be a guest blogger for and write about business and the cloud.


“ is an electronic news outlet owned by IT World Canada. No other publisher covers IT from a uniquely Canadian perspective like and IT World Canada. We know Canada’s IT industry: the key players, the important issues, the decision-making processes.

“We understand the regional and linguistic distinctions that make Canada a unique market place. Our informative, incisive and unbiased coverage examines Canadian case studies, news stories and applications. It provides an overview of trends and technologies, and looks at Canadian product availability and costs.”

TWT Group leading the way for small business into the cloud

We were honoured by this and feel that it just goes to show our depth of knowledge in the industry. We plan to cover how to use the cloud to boost your communication capabilities, how a cloud backup system can safeguard your business, how to keep your data secure in the cloud, how to use your cloud to empower your mobile employees, how the cloud provides business continuity in the event of disasters, and much more in our future posts.

You can view our first post here.

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