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Why IT Offices Are a Big, Fat Waste of Money


Fancy, innovative offices belonging to tech companies get a lot of attention. We’re inundated with photo galleries of Google’s napping rooms, standing desks and murals created by local graffiti artists.

We think these spaces are pretty awesome. We wouldn’t mind hanging out there for an afternoon, maybe even taking a snooze on a fluorescent green beanbag chair.

But here’s the thing about these ultra-hip offices: they just aren’t necessary for a tech company. They’re expensive and don’t always reflect the quality of work produced by the company in question. We think it’s better to work from home.

TWT doesn't have an office 

If you’re one of our clients, you know we come to you when you need us (and even when you don’t). We’re on site during the installation process. The rest of our work for you, including monitoring your systems and troubleshooting issues, is done remotely from our home offices. Those home offices are kitchen tables, coffee shops or even the park. Mobile technology makes this possible.

We’re always connected by coworking technologies like Skype, Speek or Lync chat. And of course, our iPhones.

It’s one of the reasons we can keep our prices competitive. We don’t need to pay for an office and we don’t pass those costs on to you.

High-tech let’s us work from anywhere. We’re about to hire a new staff member and he or she will work from home, not a cubicle. If you don’t trust your employees to stay productive at home, you may want to reconsider why you hired them in the first place. Study after study shows employees who work remotely are happier, more effective workers. They save on gas and see their families (and pets) more.

When you do have actual in-person meetings, they tend to be more productive because you’re excited to see your co-workers and collaborators, and you want to make the most of your time together.

Are you ready to ditch your office space?


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