Why Does IT Cost So Much These Days?


Why Does IT Cost So Much?

The rise of computers in the modern workplace has revolutionized the way that business is done, and has made the spread of information faster and more efficient. With so much specialized technology and software, the skills required to keep things running smoothly are in high demand. But how do you quantify those skills? It seems simple enough to change some settings on your PC, avoid clicking on obviously fake links, and plug in some cords – so why pay for dedicated IT support?

IT’s About More Than Just Time

                Let’s imagine a scenario: say your network goes down at the beginning of the day, and every minute it’s gone means lost productivity. You try fixing it yourself (sometimes you just need to unplug your router for a moment, after all), but it’s clear that the problem is beyond your ability to deal with. You call up your IT support, a technician identifies the problem, and within a few minutes they are dealing with the root cause. What would have taken you all day is now patched up in minutes, and you’re back up and running before you know it.

                You may feel like the technician only did a few minutes’ worth of work, and that paying big bucks for that is unfair. But dig a little deeper: when you bring in IT support, you’re not paying them to tinker around when you need results; you’re paying for the expertise that enables them to get results as soon as possible. You want technicians that know what to look for, how to fix issues immediately, and how to do their work with minimal disruption to other operations.

Quality over Quantity

                This type of skill is hard to find, and has a higher cost, but it’s crucial to the success and safety of an organization’s IT network. With malware, hacks, ransomcloud attacks, and other security threats being continuously deployed and capable of ever more damage, keeping up with your technical infrastructure is key to keeping your business running well. Furthermore, this infrastructure is 24/7 – you can’t simply shut down your security at 5:00 PM every day. Often, IT techs need to be available at a moment’s notice at unconventional hours, in order to avoid bigger problems when the next workday starts.

                So what goes into the cost of information technology? You have highly skilled workers who must be constantly available, working on machines that must keep up with the latest technological developments and software. They often host websites, files, and unimaginable amounts of backup data on their own servers, which take large amounts of energy to maintain and run. And their best work is done invisibly on the backend, where they do everything behind the scenes so as not to interrupt your company’s workflow. This doesn’t include contracts, licenses, subscription services, and more – and all of these costs will add up, but they’re worth the price. The eventual cost of “cheap” IT solutions, once extra fees, lost productivity, potential security threats, and substandard service is factored in, is usually even higher than what you were trying to avoid in the first place.

Use Your Judgment

                That’s not to say IT rates can’t be competitive – but if you want your IT work done well, there’s no substitute for a recognized MSP that knows exactly how to respond to every issue. In this field, quality is much more useful than quantity, and TWT Group is an award-winning organization that’s able to perform to the most exacting standards. If you want to get more value for they money you spend on your IT infrastructure, contact us today!

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