We use Mac, we don’t need IT right?


Computer preference is a very personal choice for individuals and companies. Of course, there are pros and cons with different operating systems and one of the key considerations is how they compare in terms of security.

Macs aren’t as secure as you might think

Conventional wisdom holds that Macs are more secure than Windows, so extra resources in their security is unnecessary. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple.


While it’s true that Macs aren’t under siege from malware as heavily as Windows are, it’s not because of anything special. There’s really no technical reason a Mac can’t be targeted by a cybercriminal. The truth is, Macs make up a very low percentage of computers on a global scale, so they’ve historically been a less attractive target to hackers.

This slight advantage mostly protects computers from viruses they would encounter in the wild and does nothing against some of the most common kinds of cybercrime, including social-engineering attacks. These are cybercrimes that fool you into giving up important information. Other attacks don’t require access to your computer at all. Lots of high-profile cybercrimes have happened recently involving the leaking of data from servers.

As time goes on, users of both Windows and Macs are increasingly in the same leaky boat for security. Buffing up the protection of your systems is always recommended, especially if you have a lot to lose. If you’re running a business with Macs, or a network of both Macs and Windows, it’s highly recommended that you pay special attention to your security.

Clients deserve quality service

Clients deserve to have the best quality service you can muster. Choosing to use Macs over PCs is a preference with its own benefits, but every computer is susceptible to facing a whole host of issues. Technology that isn’t up to the challenge of rigorous use from clients is a major problem for a business. Having a support team to ensure your technology is working exactly the way you need it to be is critical for your operations.

Disaster Recovery

No operating system is immune to disasters. Natural disasters, freak storms or a fire can put your information at risk and cause serious harm to your organization. An unpredictable incident could mean complete failure of your organization in an extreme circumstance, and that’s completely unacceptable and unavoidable.

 Working with professional IT specialists to set up a disaster recovery and management plan, will ensure you have backups that will make recovery from the worst-case-scenarios a much smoother experience when compared to trying to rebuild all of your information from the ground up.

When it comes to your IT needs, you really can’t afford to cut corners. The choice between Mac vs Windows is one for the ages in the world of computers. While your choice of operating system will give you advantages and disadvantages compared to others, it will never eliminate the need for professional IT services. Security and quality are always worth investing in.

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