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We Bleed Green | Fourth Edition: A day in the life blog from the TWT Interns


Month 3 | 

A day in the life blog from the TWT Interns -

by Stephen Reynolds + Jorge Abarca + David Contreras

Stephen Reynolds




The Rapid Change of Technology

To quote my friend’s father, “IT is the only industry that instead of patching the road. They tear it up every 5 years and repave it.” This resonated with me during my time with TWT because the amount of changes that I’ve seen in the few months I’ve been here have been fascinating. Updating security practices to stay on top of every scammer out there, trying to get access to users accounts, bringing in improvements with new hardware and software, and seeing an active change in a client's experience with something as simple as a more innovative spam protection software. I’ve always been told, "IT is a service that the less you see of, the better off you are." This means, they are constantly working in the background to ensure that your day to day is as seem-less of an experience as possible.

To see technology and practices that I’ve just been learning about in school become obsolete, in just my time spent here this summer, is both disheartening and interesting  but it is why I want to be in the information technology industry as you are always learning, and it is never static. School is simply there to teach me the basics that apply to the foundation of most tech, and my TWT experience has helped me put my knowledge into action!

Being a part of a young technology focused company, like TWT,  you get to see new and exciting software and hardware get rolled out every day. It makes everyday a lot more interesting listening to your coworkers talk about the new tech coming out and how each new product is special and what it will improve and what it lacks in, hearing the passion behind their thoughts filled with optimism. There’s an old world mentality in a lot of companies that innovation is expensive and an unnecessary risk, this ends up with companies patch working almost decade old technology leaving them vulnerable and with a lot of headaches. With technology it’s important to stay up to date and constantly innovating and I’m glad I ended up somewhere that I can watch grow and show that old way of thinking isn’t sustainable."

Jorge Abarca




Part of the Ship. Part of the Crew.

"To say the least, my birthday week was an experience. Before I even walked through the TWT office doors, I claimed that my mother "made the best tacos ever". On July 18, 2019, I brought two-hundred and fifty tacos, made that morning by my dear mother, for the whole office to feast on -  officially earning my title as the "ultimate taco connoisseur". As a token of appreciation everybody signed a card for my Mom and even got her a little cactus! 

Additionally, during our staff meeting they brought me a cake and sang happy birthday. It even took me a bit to realize it was in fact my birthday so I stopped singing to myself. I’m sure that nobody really thought anything of it; just another colleague’s birthday but to me it made me take a step back and realize that somewhere along the line I became a member of the TWT crew. Not just another intern.

Our “senior” intern Little D is picking up Magic: The Gathering and we began talking about it. Jonathan made a discord, a chat app for video-gamers, channel for TWT to play games, the stampede party, bowling, etc. Taking our relationships outside of the office and all of our nerdy quirks and hobbies make TWT feel like my home away from home."





"Wow – school is literally around the corner and it makes me think where did summer go? The last few months have absolutely flown by and I’m sure that has nothing to do with working for an absolute banger of a team. Here at TWT we just recently had our quarterly meeting- and let me tell you something, it really wasn’t what I expected.

Before the quarterly date we were all told to meet at the office at 7AM … yes. 7... A.M. That’s pretty early and I wasn’t all that hyped for a full day meeting. However, my expectations all changed once I arrived at the office and saw two limos outside waiting for us. Then it hit me - we’re actually taking limos out to Canmore. I wasn’t really expecting it nor am I really accustomed to drinking coffee & baileys, and having mimosas at 7:30am, but my limo-mates and colleagues got me up to speed really quick on the etiquette (It’s to just enjoy yourself and have fun).

When we arrived to Canmore we pulled up to a gorgeous mountainside hotel. The day was spent with discussions from our different teams, collaborating on current company processes and what will be needed in the future for our team to grow. There were lots of words spoken, many laughs, and the occasional joke (candy) tossed across the room. The team here really is family – and that was evident when we practiced our appreciation for each other. The exercise had us take a couple of minutes saying something that we appreciated about each other. It was amazing hearing what everyone had to say of one another and to remind us all of the special culture we’ve created here at TWT.

I think I’ve got one blog post to go .. it’ll probably be something sappy about me going back to school and saying bye to the team for another school year. Hear from me then!"

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