We Bleed Green | Second Edition: A day in the life blog from the TWT Interns


Month 1 | Prank Wars

A day in the life blog from the TWT Interns -

by Stephen Reynolds + Jorge Abarca + David Contreras

Stephen Reynolds




“One thing I have noticed while working at TWT is that security comes first – and we are always reminded of this. For example, if you walk away from your computer without locking the screen, you will be kindly reminded (or embarrassed) by a coworkers’ reminder about screen protection in our work group chat.

One of the best parts of the culture at TWT is that friendly pranks are a must! I had my first taste of a prank with a run of the mill "send the new guy on a useless errand". My co-worker, Corey, asked me to "get our server box from the storage room" – which isn't easy to move around in. After struggling to get the box out of the storage room, my team proceeded to tell me that I had the wrong server box and told me to take it back. After searching for another 15 minutes, someone eventually took pity on me and told me that I had the right box from the beginning! We all had a good laugh about it, but obviously, I was not going to let them get away with pranking me.

After Corey left for the day, the TWT children (AKA The Interns) decided to play. Zip-ties have never been used more creatively than our prank on his desk. Everything was tied down to something. You could have flipped the desk over, and everything would have stayed in place.

After making Corey’s desk a giant zip-tie, it was time to get payback on David. Our manager, Julian, was away and instructed us to ensure the office was clean and organized. We were doing a great job – until we saw a packing tape dispenser. I asked my co-worker, Matt, "do you think that we could tape someone to a chair?" Matt responded, "well David is sitting right now". Casually, we started chatting with David, and before you knew it, we were rapidly taping him to his chair with the help of our other TWT coworkers. Things escalated quickly, to say the least, and we decided to wheel him into the elevator for a ride. After an awkward exchange with a gentleman on the main floor, David returned unscathed. So far, TWT has given me days that I’ll never forget”

Jorge Abarca




"Some days, growing up in the slums of Mexico felt safer than the TWT office. I learned quickly that I had to be at the top of my game and be prepared for anything. From flying nerf darts, to coworkers jumping on your computer if you turn your back for a second – it’s never a dull moment at TWT.

I have even started my own scheme. Our CBO, Felipe, is also from Mexico and I have made it my mission to confuse people into thinking that we are the same person. I even respond when people talk to him, and it gets a lot of laughs around the office. My goal is that people will eventually think that I’m Felipe, and I can take over his cushy job. I’ll keep you updated.

In all seriousness, working at TWT gets better every day. I am feeling more comfortable on my own at the Support Desk, and lately, we have been receiving a lot of service requests. I am getting hands-on experience, and the clients are able to rate my performance after. Not trying to brag – but I’m in second place..for now. I’m hoping to end the reign of David Collins before the summer is over."






"What I initially viewed as a summer job has bloomed into something more meaningful and promising. I was hired onto the TWT team as a Support Desk Analyst (Summer Student) in the Summer of 2018. When I walked in for my interview, I remember thinking that TWT wasn’t a real company. The team was situated in a dark and spooky looking warehouse with dim lighting (TWT certainly did the best they could to spruce it up with beer & kombucha on tap). My initial thoughts changed when I walked out of my interview with Shawn. I remember calling my significant other on my walk home and began telling her how awesome the opportunity sounded. The company so felt alive, and it was still in its growing stages. I realized TWT was an opportunity to see every facet of the IT industry, and 30 minutes after my interview, I received an offer letter.

My summer was filled with learning, laughing, and occasionally taking a nerf ball or two to the face. As summer was coming to an end, it also meant that my time at TWT was coming to an end. I couldn't help but think what an incredible experience it was. I was bummed to know that I’d be back at school and TWT would be left behind – it was and still is the best company that I’ve worked for.

Near the end of my term, I got a message from Shawn, our CEO. He asked me if I’d be interested in skipping some classes in September to hire me as a part-time employee AND take me to Palm Springs for the yearly company meeting. What-The Actual- F***?

Have you ever heard of a company that takes the entire team on a trip and includes the summer intern? I didn’t until it personally happened to me. The trip was amazing, and I knew that I found the perfect job.

TWT isn’t just a place that you "work". The environment is fun, but everyone works hard–and plays even harder. The team at TWT is built on culture and I can call every one of my colleagues a friend.

Fast-forwarding to present day, I’ve been placed back on full-time for the summer and have new responsibilities and opportunities–including being taped to a chair and rolled into the elevator. The culture at TWT may sound too good to be true (my school career counselor didn’t even believe me) but Shawn, our CEO, has made sure that I’m meeting my program requirements while having the best summer possible.

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