We Bleed Green | First Edition: A day in the life blog from the TWT Interns


Month 1 - But did you die?!

A day in the life blog from the TWT Interns - by Stephen Reynolds + Jorge Abarca

Stephen Reynolds


"Starting a new job can always be stressful, maybe even a little intimidating, but the team here at TWT really helped me feel included right away. Answering any questions and cracking jokes with, and well without, me. In the first week, we were gradually eased into the Support Desk Team by shadowing some of the senior team members, in this case "senior" describes their age and placement at TWT (#millennialsftw). After shadowing for a bit, we were thrown right into the support cue - eager to start helping.

I have always enjoyed fixing computers, it had always been a big passion of mine. But, at first, I found talking to customers and troubleshooting on the fly intimidating. Fortunately, the team here always has your back if you run into problems, and are willing to show you the step-by-step process to fix the issue.

I have also had the opportunity to tag along on a few client on-sites, which has been very exciting. This has allowed me to see some of our client operations and learn with a more hands-on approach. TWT is unique, in that they do not cater to one type of client but to many unique small/medium size businesses in Calgary. Just last week I was able to visit a metal scrap yard with one of our Technical Account Managers- not your typical IT client. But, as we know, the world is ran on computers and technology and it is interesting to see how even a scrap yard uses tech. Everyday I am offered an opportunity to grow and improve, I cannot wait to show the team at TWT what I am made of."

Jorge Abarca


"The culture at TWT was a pleasant and BIG surprise. It has been extremely friendly and supportive around the office and that extends even further to the collaborative work space we work in; Work Nicer.

Everyone around the office is real chill- it caught me off guard initially. Even the interview experience was very relaxed and casual. I met with Julian, our Support Desk Manager, and it was unlike any interview I have ever had. It became a fun conversation about IT, including my experience and goals.

Each member of the TWT team has a unique and fun personality and it does truly feel like a team. I was put to work answering the phones and helping with support requests, just like any other technician and knew that everyone had my back if I needed them. You could say that our team acts as an invisible safety net for each other, one that our clients aren't even aware of. The team has really encouraged me to jump right into the fire and rise up to the challenge. There has definitely been some challenging moments and it is tough not feeling like a burden at first - asking for help on seemingly every support request I was in charge of. This feeling eventually dissipated as I became more confident each day- I have even been dubbed by one of our clients their support "Guru."

Everyone here at TWT truly supports one another and always willing to lend a helping hand. So far, my experience with the team has been fun and unlike any other job I have had. I am looking forward to the next three months!"

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