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Top Tech Gadgets for the Holiday Season


If you’re like us, you love a good gadget to use at home or at work. Check out these gadget gift ideas for your favourite tech geek this holiday season.

Fitness wearables

Wearables, which are usually a bracelet, track stats like steps and calories, and can monitor your sleep patterns and heart rate. The wearable syncs with smartphone apps that compile and analyze your health data, showing you patterns and progress, and setting goals based on your past performance.

Most fitness wearables apps also let you log the food you eat. There are a bunch to choose from, including ones made by Fitbit, Garmin or Jawbone. A fitness wearable will be particularly useful as you set new workout goals come the new year.  

Smart home systems

Smart home systems automate household tasks and activities, like heating and cooling, security and communication. These systems, which can be controlled remotely by smartphone and tablet apps, have become increasingly popular. A smart lock lets you unlock your door for guests when you’re away or create virtual keys for visitors.

The Nest Learning Thermostat actually learns your home’s heating and cooling preferences, so you don’t have to program it. It can detect when your family is out of the house, reducing the temperature — or increasing it during the summer — and saving your money on your power bill.

iPad Pro

With a 12.9 inch screen, the new iPad Pro is the biggest iPad Apple has ever released, while also being thin and light. It’s easy to slip into a briefcase or handbag. It has 5.6 million pixels, and therefore the best resolution of any iOS device.

It’s the perfect gift for the business owner on the go who doesn’t want to compromise on screen size or quality. Its design allows you to connect a Smart Keyboard without using bluetooth.  

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is all about convenience, especially if you’re already an avid Apple user. You can receive all the notifications on your watch that you would on your phone. Avoid digging through your bag to read an important text message in the middle of a lunch meeting. You can quickly decide if the message is worth responding to with a glance at your wrist.

You can check into flights using a QR code displayed on the watch. When driving, look up directions on your iPhone that will show up on your watch, which vibrates each time a turn in coming. Best of all, you can take phone calls on the watch and feel just a little bit like James Bond.

GoPro camera

These small, mountable cameras aren’t just for extreme sports enthusiasts. Wear the incredibly durable camera to capture a hike, interview, surfing adventure or recital and enjoy having your hands free. Edit the footage later and make videos for your company website or for your personal collection.

For a giggle, check out this video of a dad who accidentally filmed himself — instead of the scenery — with a GoPro for his entire trip to Las Vegas.


Want to get that really great aerial shot using your new GoPro? You’ll need to invest in a quadcopter. The multi-rotor helicopters, sometimes called micro-drones, are used by research and military outfits because of how maneuverable they are, but they’ve becoming increasingly popular as toys for adults.

Check out this incredible GoPro footage obtained using a quadcopter:

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