The Top 3 IT Concerns of 2019


Top 3 IT Concerns of 2019

            As IT specialists in Calgary, we are up close and familiar with the current trends of the industry. This encompasses more than just the latest technology and integrative programs, though – it unfortunately means we also see a lot of bad trends, too. Here are some of our most important tips to keep in mind through the next year, based on the work that we do every day for our clients.

    1. Don’t skimp on security.

We live in an age of data – and the line between private information and public knowledge can often be blurred. Without the proper security protocols in place, it can be relatively easy for nefarious actors to access information that shouldn’t be available, and regardless of the size of your company, that can be a nightmare on many levels – from public image, to financial status, to competitor advantages, or worse. So don’t downplay the importance of keeping your data secure, and know that it goes beyond a good password (though that’s definitely important, too). Certificates, firewalls, encryption, and up-to-date software patches are all crucial to a secure digital environment.

  1. Always have a backup plan.

You may think that if your data is stored on the cloud, you don’t need to back it up. That’s what the cloud is for, right? Keeping everything centralized for easy retrieval?

Don’t fall for it! What happens if that single data centre is corrupted, lost, or held hostage? You might lose files that are necessary to your work, with no hope of getting them back. Even simple user error – accidentally deleting the wrong document, or clicking on a malicious link – can spell major headaches. And with the rise of ransomware that locks you out of your own server unless you pay up, it has never been more important to ensure you have a secondary data site with proper encryption, integrity of data, and easy availability in a worst-case scenario.

  1. Fix the problem before there’s a problem.

The modern business world moves fast, and even a small amount of downtime during a workday can mean a lot of lost productivity and capability. We rely on our IT systems working well in order to do our jobs, but we are rarely proactive about keeping them operational, instead of reacting in a panic when they fail.

Rather than waiting to experience the horrors of a broken network firsthand, make a habit of checking up on your systems at regular intervals. All the cables, wiring, power supplies and management, backup storage, servers, computers, and network connectivity points should be checked for potential issues before those issues arise, with preventative maintenance done early on. That way you’ll be far ahead of the pack when it comes to avoiding trouble down the road.

There’s much more than this that goes into effective IT management. If you’re looking for more tips, and some skilled techs who can help deliver on them, look no further than TWT Group!

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