The Gift of Giving - This holiday season, give in a way that makes a difference.


Community is an essential part of the human experience. It’s easy to overlook the impact our communities have on us as individuals and on society at large, but the connection is direct and undeniable. The healthier, happier and more functional our community is, the healthier, happier and more functional we all tend to be. When we actively support others, we are in fact helping ourselves.

We at TWT are big believers in giving back. We’re involved with a number of fantastic charitable organizations that do absolutely incredible work, donating time, money, and IT services in support of their various causes.

Our CEO, Shawn Freeman, is on the IT Advisory Committee for the Boys & Girls Club of Calgary, and helping the organization steer its IT in a way that produces maximum benefits. Shawn is also a Silver Sponsor of the BGCC’s Splash of Red Gala fundraiser, proceeds from which go to support the organization’s many important initiatives, including youth homelessness, hunger, and education.

TWT also donates time and IT services to Kidsport, an organization dedicated to helping underprivileged kids play organized sports, Youth Central, which gets young people aged 12 – 18 volunteering in their communities, and syn.ap.tic Rehabilitation Centre, a long term out patient care facility for people with spinal cord injuries and neurological conditions such as Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and stroke. We make charitable donations to Children's Hospital Aid Society, Meals on Wheels, and Nickle Family Foundation. On top of that, our annual Stampede party doubles as a fundraiser for community causes, and our target amount grows exponentially every year.

That may sound like a lot of giving, but it’s all definitely worth it. We love the community work we do, and we encourage every business out there to give back in some way as well.


Because communities are an interconnected system; when one part of that system isn’t working well or isn’t healthy, it affects everyone in some way. In other words, when all of us feel good; positive, supported, cared for and have great opportunities, our society is healthier as a whole.

If that’s not reason enough to give back, how about these incredible benefits?


You meet great people. Volunteers and community service workers are some of the nicest people you could ever hope to run into. They care. They have huge hearts. They’re happy and full of positive energy. Basically, they’re the kind of people everyone loves to be around. Not only will you make new professional connections through charitable work, you’re bound to make new friends too.

It improves your health. It’s true – engaging in charitable work has been scientifically proven to help manage chronic health conditions like high blood pressure, depression and stress. People who give tend to live longer and experience greater feelings of happiness over those who don’t.

You’ll make an impact. If you really want to make a difference in the world, charitable giving is a great way to do it. Not only will you make a lasting impact on your community, you get to choose where, when and how to go about doing it. Causes you care about get an appreciated boost.

Your skills improve, and you’ll learn new ones. Even when you’re donating professional time, you’re still practicing your skill and learning from the experience. You can step out of the box too, and contribute in ways you don’t at your job, which is free skill training done in the name of a great cause.

It cultivates a culture of gratitude. When your people are actively involved in helping those less fortunate or who face specific challenges, the collective mindset of your workplace shifts. Things quickly get put into perspective. There’s more gratitude and less sweating the small stuff.

It feels good. They say it’s better to give than receive, and we can say from experience that it’s true. Charitable work is extremely gratifying, so in addition to helping others you’ll be lifting your own spirits.

TWT was founded on the values of freedom, relationships, innovation and doing what’s right. Our strength has always been our collaborative team approach to everything we do, so charitable work fits perfectly into our lexicon.

There are countless organizations out there in need of support. We challenge everyone in IT and every industry to pick a cause and start giving from the heart. We guarantee it will transform your organization for the better.

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