Steve Wozniak: 'Machines Won 200 Years Ago'


In the war between humans and machines, Steve Wozniak believes the machines have already won.

"Machines won 200 years ago," Wozniak told the Interzone conference, which culminated Friday with a much-anticipated presentation by the Apple co-founder.

After spending time meeting conference attendees, Wozniak joined Twitter CTO Adam Messinger, GoDaddy CIO Arne Josefsberg and moderator Peter Coffee for a panel discussion called "The End of a Silicon Valley Bedtime Story."

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The panel tackled a host of topics, including internet as a utility, net neutrality, the limits of brands, attracting great talent and whether or not machines will eventually become sentient.

While commenting on whether internet should be considered an essential utility — a designation that would make it regulated — Wozniak revealed he lives without broadband internet at his home because his hometown simply doesn't offer it. He also drives a segway.

Here's a sample of what we heard from each speaker:

Steve Wozniak, when asked about machines as sentient beings: "We have Siri. We can ask: what’s the tallest mountain in Alberta, Canada? What if this conversation was being held and we were all just robots?"

Arne Josefsberg, when asked about GoDaddy's role in small business: "We help the little guy around the world. Maybe a guy in India with one or two employees. [We] make that super affordable to businesses around the globe. They don't have IT, they don't understand IT."

Adam Messinger, when asked about how to recruit people who will innovate: "It’s straightforward for us to find really smart folks. The key is not how well they program, it’s the ability to think in an open-ended way."

Our founder Shawn Freeman also took the opportunity to meet Steve Wozniak and had to take a photo. Thanks, Steve!


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