TWT & Freshdesk: Creating an Exceptional IT Support Service


As part of TWT’s brand new website design, we started using Freshdesk, a new IT support service platform for our clients. This new system will help us streamline our ability to solve your IT issues via email, phone and the web.

Freshdesk promises “exceptional customer support,” which is exactly what we want to provide to our IT clients.

Why we chose Freshdesk as our IT support service

We wanted a tool that would let us track each and every IT support request and ensure nothing slipped through the cracks. Freshdesk streamlines the IT support process by “ticketing” each request and letting us update it as we work to find a solution. It’s simple and easy to use, with no clutter to confuse users.

We chose Freshdesk because it’s affordable and exactly what we needed. More expensive IT support services are over complicated, with too many bells and whistles. We didn’t need to raise our fees to implement Freshdesk.

Because it’s a cloud tool, you can access it from anywhere. Using your smartphone, you can check in to see if your servers are back online.

It also includes a Solutions module — called Knowledge base — where we’ll post FAQs and problem-solving tips for our clients. You’ll have the opportunity to search the module to see if others have had the same issue and hopefully resolve yours faster. This is what the dashboard looks like:

IT Support Dashboard

How to use Freshdesk to get IT Support Service

There are several ways to use the TWT support system.

PHONE: You can call us on the phone. If you do, we’ll gladly create a support ticket for you and get started on the problem immediately.

EMAIL: You can email This will automatically be put into Freshdesk as a ticket and we’ll get notified.

ON OUR SITE: You can log in and submit a ticket at here. You can use your Twitter or Facebook profiles to log in or create a unique account. You can also visit the TWT homepage and click Support at the top right.

What you can expect from us

You can expect a prompt and detailed response to your request. You’ll receive an email saying a ticket has been created for your request, which will include a link that you can use to make any updates about your situation or check the status.

Got more questions about our IT support service?

We’d be happy to answer them. Just send us an email here.

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