Why our IT Support competitors will offer you a free iPad — and why you shouldn’t take it


Free Hugs for IT SupportWe’ve seen it happen before: IT support companies on the hunt for clients start giving away free gear in exchange for a new or renewed contract. That free gear is often something flashy like an iPad or iPod.

We’ve vowed never to do this. We’d go so far as to say these free offers are one way of knowing which companies to avoid. We’ll explain why.

We get it. Gadgets are cool. iPads are shiny. It’s fun getting new things. But there are a few things you may not realize when you accept something “free” from your IT support provider.

The cost of that iPad was probably already built into the existing hourly rate, meaning you already paid for it, or you will. It would be better to go with an IT support provider with more reasonable fees, and spend that extra money on whatever you want.

Companies shouldn’t be bribing you to sign up or stick around. If you’re doing a great job for your clients, your referrals should be enough to keep you busy. That free iPad won’t seem so great if you network fails constantly and you can’t access your files.

Our concern is that the “gift” placates the client, making them less likely to complain or speak up when something goes wrong. You should be comfortable voicing your concerns with your IT support provider.

There are other tough questions. If the person at your company in charge of IT is the only one getting a free iPad, won’t the rest of your staff question the decision’s authenticity? Is that iPad for business or personal use?

We may be naive, but we feel if we make our services and products easy enough to understand, provide you a custom solution that will solve your problems, offer excellent service and do it all at a great price, then you’ll go buy your own iPad.

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