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IT downtime costs a lot of money — even for small business


Seemingly minor technical glitches can turn into big problems for small business IT.

Nasdaq, the second-biggest U.S. stock exchange, came to an abrupt halt today due to technical difficulties. Trading in well-known shares like Apple, Facebook and Google stopped for more than three hours, the longest outage in recent memory.

It was the third such outage to happen in a month. A few days ago, a Goldman Sachs Group technical issue resulted in error-ridden orders in U.S. equity options markets. Earlier this month, there was an hour-long outage at stock exchange operator BATS Global Markets.

IT support and proactive management is critical to your business’ bottom line. In fact, it can even add to your companies profits. We don’t know how much money these companies lost because of the Nasdaq IT services outage, but we can guess it was a lot.

IT outages can cost hundreds, thousands and even millions in lost profits. Once you have an outage like this it’s too late to get this money back. You’ve got to be proactive with your IT support, which is guaranteed to pay for itself when done correctly.

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