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Dynamics 365 ERP - What Is It?


Everything you need to know about Microsoft’s latest integrated systems solution

As your company continues to grow, it's natural for your software, IT and information systems needs to grow along with it. After all, as more data comes in through sales, marketing and inventory management, that needs to be properly analyzed and stored in order to be used for creating business growth.

Many organizations, both large and small, eventually adopt an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to aid in storing and incorporating all business data. When your data is in a single concise system, employees from various departments can access the same information, enabling analytical decision-making and more insightful reporting.

What makes an ERP a useful business tool is its ability to synchronize reporting. Of course, this all depends on the software being used, but this is ultimately the core function of the system.

To give you an idea of what this means, imagine sales data being loaded into a comprehensive spreadsheet in real-time. This is then easily accessed by the accounting department. Now, you’re cutting down on time lost to the inefficiency of double data entry.

What’s important to note is that in order to stay efficient, an ERP system needs to grow and evolve as the company does. An organization’s data mining needs change over time with the introduction of new business processes. If your organization is continuously growing, it only makes sense that you’ll grow out of your ERP system. How do you maintain your ERP needs without disrupting business?

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft is known for continuously redeveloping systems to make them more seamless and efficient. Understanding that we live in a data-driven world, Microsoft understands the need to eliminate bottlenecks in business communication and information sharing – enter Dynamics 365.

By incorporating ERP and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. into an intelligent Cloud-based platform, Microsoft has developed a business operating system that not only updates in real-time, but uses machine learning and AI systems to identify inefficiencies and areas for potential growth, all while eliminating the need for software switches by incorporating applications, such as Outlook and the rest of the Office Suite, into one integrated system.

While the possibilities are virtually endless, Dynamics 365 focuses on integrating five main business operational areas for seamless processes: sales, service, talent, marketing, and finance and operations. By ensuring these departments are in constant communication, all business functions can continuously work towards a common goal. While many small businesses believe the need for such a sophisticated system is lost on them for their lack of size, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Scale Your Plan

Though you may not need to be utilizing the entire power of Dynamics 365 at this time, chances are your needs will grow. If they don’t, well, that is an entirely different issue you may need to address (ironically, Dynamics 365 could potentially help you do so). Luckily, the Cloud-based nature of the system allows you to change your monthly subscription needs seamlessly without disrupting your service. Making it relatively simple to customize your plan based on organizational size and need.

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Integrate Your Entire System

As previously mentioned, Microsoft is essentially a one-stop-shop for your IT system needs. Not only are all systems easily accessible through a single platform, but having all essential information stored in an intelligent database allows for information to be updated across all departments and channels in real-time.

Dynamics 365 gives you access to the Microsoft AppSource, allowing you to identify and add potentially beneficial applications to your system. This will be especially beneficial as your business needs continue to grow and evolve.

Eliminate Inefficiency

Having all applications integrated in a single system also eliminates inefficiencies in productivity. Your team will no longer have to worry about time lost by constantly switching between systems. Everything will be available to them in one simple-to-use system. The intelligent nature of the Dynamics 365 system and its use of Microsoft Azure Machine Learning allows it to identify inefficiency in usage and potential changes that your organization can adopt. The system is able to analyze data and predict future trends based on this information – it’s basically like having another consultant on your team.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an intelligent ERP system that is sure to help your business grow efficiently and quickly. The scalability of your monthly subscription will allow you to start at a comfortable level and will evolve your plan as time goes on. An ERP integration can seem like a daunting task - but good data at your fingertips is well worth the growing pains. Stick it out, and your business will reap the rewards for years to come. 

TWT is here to understand your business inside and out and provide you with guidance on how to use systems such as these to improve your IT needs. Our commitment to creating a reliable IT plan for you is unparalleled – we’re here to help your business grow and thrive - get in touch.

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