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Helping our employees give back to the Calgary Community


We recently advertised for a new hire at TWT (you can view the job posting here). We talked about how we offer paid, paid vacation as one of our HR policies. We believe in giving back to our employees who work so hard for us.

We also believe in giving back to the Calgary community, which is why we’ve developed a new HR policy that’s all about helping others.

We ask that our employees donate one day out of every month to helping a worthy charity or cause. Our employees get to pick the cause they’re passionate about and choose how they want to volunteer.

It may be serving food at a soup kitchen. It may be raising funds to fight cancer or helping kids access the equipment they need to play sports. It could be using his or her IT expertise to set up a computer network.

We also ask those charities to tell us how our employees are doing. When the time comes to give our annual employee bonuses, a small portion — 10% — will be based on the grade our employee gets from their charity.

We care deeply about Calgary and its community. We live here, work here and play here. That’s why we support and volunteer with a variety of non-profit organizations and groups each year. Giving back is a part of our DNA and we are proud of it.

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