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Cloud Solutions Series: for Managing Email Subscriptions


In this blog series, we showcase cloud tools we think help our clients run their small businesses better. We don’t have any affiliation with the companies, nor are we concerned about increasing their sales. We just like these tools and think you will too.

Our pick to declutter your inbox: is a cloud tool that helps you sort through all your subscriptions and consolidates them into one easily digestible daily email.

If you’re like us, you love reading dynamic content and hearing about hot deals from great companies. We sign up for newsletters a lot, promising ourselves we’ll take the time to read each one as we leisurely sip a steaming hot latte. We’re so certain we’ll make use of those 15% discounts every time they pop up in our inbox.

But without fail, the subscriptions we signed up for start to pile up. The ones we didn’t sign up for sneak in there too, likely because we bought an affiliated product or someone shared our email address without our permission. We stop reading them at all, even though we know we’re missing out on some valuable insights.

Cloud tools: Managing your subscriptions

After you’ve given access to your inbox, the service combs through your emails and roots out all the junk. It lists every subscription you have and immediately gives you the option to unsubscribe.

For the newsletters you want to keep, will condense them into a single daily email called The Rollup, which can be read on a mobile app. You get the headlines and decide if you want to read further.

In order to build The Rollup, needs access to your inbox. It keeps your information secure by using authentication services to access your Gmail or Outlook data. If you’ve got a Yahoo, AOL or iCloud account, your password is encrypted.

It’s important to note than can’t help you with emails from individuals. You’ll have to tackle those all on your own. The good news is the cloud tool will free up space in your inbox for the emails that really matter.

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