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Cloud Solutions Series: Making Conference Calls Less Painful


In this blog series, we showcase small business IT cloud tools we think help our clients run their small businesses better. We don’t have any affiliation with the companies, nor are we concerned about increasing their sales. We just like these tools and think you will too.

Our pick for conference calls and collaboration: UberConference

It’s happened to most of us. You’ve got an important conference call that starts in two minutes and you can’t find the call’s PIN code. You frantically search your inbox for the email with the conference call details.

Ten minutes later, you’ve finally found it. You dial into the call late and interrupt the meeting. The group wastes another five minutes explaining who’s on the call. In the end, it’s an awkward and unproductive experience. The week after, it happens all over again.

You don’t need a PIN code to use UberConference. You get your own dedicated number to hand out. Here’s why else we like it:

Don’t dial in. UberConference calls you.

You can set up UberConference so that it calls each participant when the conference starts. You’ll receive a call on your phone, on your computer or via the mobile app. If you forgot about the call, you’ll remember as soon as the phone rings. You can also easily dial in another person — or three — mid-call

You always know who’s on the call and who’s talking.

Never again interrupt the call to ask, “who’s speaking?” UberConference operates as a virtual meeting. The web interface highlights the profile of the person speaking. As people leave the call, their profile, which includes a photo, disappears from the screen. It’s easy to keep track of everyone on a call with a big team.  

By clicking on a profile, you can also mute a particular caller if they happen to be in a loud location or have a dog that’s barking in the background.

It’s easy to share your screen and collaborate.

As you proofread a final document or discuss a presentation, you can easily share your screen with other call participants. It’s also possible to record the call as an mp3 file and share documents from places like Google Drive, Evernote and DropBox directly from the interface.

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