Cloud Solutions Series: Jukebox for Small Business Printing


In this blog series, we showcase small business cloud solutions we think help our clients run their businesses better. We don’t have any affiliation with the companies, nor are we concerned about increasing their sales. We just like these tools and think you will too.

Our pick for business cards, brochures and other small business printing: Jukebox Print

Picture this: You’re a week away from flying your whole team down to a big sales conference in Las Vegas. Your business development department is busy perfecting their pitches in the boardroom and scouring the attendance list for potential contacts. It hits you one night as you’re making name tags and lanyards, and taking stock of your marketing materials.

The expensive brochures that just arrived from the local print shop look like they were made by a pack of well-meaning if not clumsy kindergarteners. You’d rather hide under the table than hand out those brochures to future customers. Even worse, you realize the two brand new members of your team don’t have any business cards.

Business cards are still important

As much as we love digital tools, we know the lasting importance of business cards when you’re networking. Even if you know the person you meet will digitize all your contact information eventually, there’s nothing worse than being asked for a card and not having one. It’s almost as bad to have a card that’s really terrible quality.

There’s something very powerful about holding a tangible representation of a company, especially if they sell a service like consulting rather than a product you can see and touch. And if you’re in a rush to get new business cards, you need to know the ones coming in the mail will arrive on time and will be exactly what you ordered.

A Canadian company, Jukebox Print is based in Vancouver but ships its products worldwide. It’s an online print service, so you can order your business cards from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. We’re big fans of enabling customers, and our own people, to do business wherever they are.


Jukebox let’s you upload your own design, choose the size (different regions of the world use different card sizes), type of card stock (they’ve got lots — even kraft paper) and finish.

They make cards out of recycled wood and cork, and letterpress cards with coloured edges. You can order other products like posters, brochures, magnets and labels to match. Once you upload your own design, Jukebox will send you a proof to double check before printing and shipping your order.

TWT Group ordered business cards this year. Even though we thought the proof they sent us looked great, Jukebox wrote to tell us they reprinted our order because it wasn’t perfect. We’ve also ordered notepads and envelopes. Jukebox Print charges a flat rate for shipping according to your location, so you know much you’ll pay and when your product will arrive.

Not a designer? Choose a template

If you don’t have a pre-designed business card and don’t want to pay a designer to make one from scratch, Jukebox has a variety of templates. With an online customization tool, you choose fonts and colours, and add details like phone numbers, email addresses and social media profile links.

You’ll pay less than you would at a physical store like Staples and the quality is better. Bigger names don’t guarantee a better product. If you need some design inspiration, try following the Jukebox Instagram account. It’s filled with the awesome cards, tags, brochures and bags they’ve printed for customers. They also offer custom design services, but you need to inquire further to see how much that costs.

Hold out for a deal

Jukebox runs monthly sales, so if you aren’t in a time crunch for new cards, check back regularly and you’ll get a discount.

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