4 Reasons IT Clients Love Emergency Service Options


Have you ever found yourself dealing with a technology emergency and wondering, “Why did this have to happen now?” I suspect most business owners and executives are familiar with this feeling. As organizations of all sizes become more and more dependent on the web, VOIP, dedicated servers, and other everyday business technology, the impact of trying to work without these things becomes even greater.

When networks go down, phones go quiet, and email goes out of service, many things start to happen and none of them are good – orders stop coming in, customers begin to get frustrated, and employees stop doing all the things they are being paid to do. Those problems are compounded when you find your IT support ticket is buried behind a dozen other requests.

Given the headaches that can come from these types of situations, it’s probably no surprise that more and more business people are electing to sign up for priority response subscriptions. These give you the option, when you need it, of upgrading your ticket to “critical” status with a 15 minute guaranteed turnaround. In other words, they give you the choice of jumping to the front of the line when time is of the essence.

You can read the details of our priority response program and sign up here. In the meantime though, let us give you four reasons TWT clients love having emergency service options:

#1: There’s Never a Good Time For an IT Emergency (But There are Terrible Times)

In a perfect world, your hardware and software would always work the way they’re supposed to. In reality though, they don’t just let you down, they tend to let you down when you’re about to make a huge presentation, or when your online store is about to open for a Black Friday sale that can make or break your fiscal year. Under those circumstances, priority IT care can be a life-saver.

#2: Real-Time Ticket Tracking Reduces Stress

With priority IT service, you don’t just get 24/7 access to a dedicated team of on-call technology support professionals; you also get real-time updates on your ticket, via email or text messages, so you can figure out exactly what’s going on and receive ongoing estimates of how quickly the issue can be resolved. If you’ve ever spent hours (or much longer) waiting on pins and needles to find out how quickly your technology services can be restored, you already know how real-time ticket tracking can reduce stress.

#3: You Can Choose the Type of Support You Need

Priority response is all about service. That includes speed, of course, but also convenience. You decide how you want to submit your support ticket (over the phone, through email, or on a website), and it’s up to you to let your IT team know how you’d like them to get back to you, and how often.

#4: Sometimes You Just Need Your Business Up-and-Running Again

The bottom line on priority response service is that sometimes you just need your business up-and-running again as fast as it possibly can be. Although it’s almost cliché, the old adage that the right bit of help at the right moment is virtually priceless. You shouldn’t let hardware and software issues cause you to miss out on huge opportunities while you’re waiting for IT support, and certainly not to harm your bottom line.Get a free premium IT response information kit Trying to run your business without the technology you need at a critical moment is like being stuck on the side of the road, and a middle of a rainstorm, when you’re already late for a meeting… except that an IT problem is likely to end up costing you a lot more when you consider the damage that’s being done to your business. Why not give yourself and your team the option of choosing priority response when you need it most?

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