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3 Ways Technology Has Improved the Way We Work


Technology is an essential tool in the 21st century workplace. Those of us who love emerging tech relish the opportunity to explore new gadgets, systems and processes. New technology has given us big things: drones that can monitor and deliver supplies to far flung worksites and 3D printers that let businesses manufacture almost anything they want.  

But tech at work is also about small conveniences. Dental and optometry offices now send out text message reminders about appointments. Conferencing software lets teams spread out across the globe work on the same project using shared tools and documents.

Technology in the workplace makes us fast, efficient and collaborative. Here’s how it has improved the way we work:

It forces us to re-examine existing structures.

Anyone with an internet connection — and plenty of gumption — can start a business.

One of the most successful online retailers in North America, Amazon, has no storefront. It can deliver products to your doorstep within often within 24 hours (with some exceptions). It’s impossible to imagine a brick and mortar store that could offer the broad variety of Amazon products.

Look at Uber and how it has shaken up the taxi system in so many cities. Municipalities and taxi drivers resist changes to the existing structure, even though citizens crave alternatives.

Physical barriers used to impede business. While it’s still sometimes necessary to travel for work, it’s also possible to use tools like Skype and an internet connection to do business with someone halfway across the globe.

It makes us lazy (but that makes us efficient).

Technology helps us find the quickest and simplest way to accomplish complicated tasks. It makes us the right kind of lazy. Technology is like the perfect type of lazy employee: they persistently search for ways to make their lives easier without sacrificing quality.

Simply put, technology allows us to outsource the things we don’t like doing so that we can focus on what we enjoy (and what makes our business money). If you detest keeping track of expenses and invoices, you can use a program such as Xero, which does it for you. If customer service is your weakness, try something like Zendesk.

It’s always changing (usually for the better).

Like a toddler who needs to move, tech — and the people refining it — just can’t sit still. There’s always a new prototype to try or update to install. This can be frustrating when you realize you need to update your smartphone or buy a new laptop, but it’s an amazing thing for refining processes, pushing boundaries and solving new problems.

If you hire the right people, they can help you navigate the maze of tech options for your business.

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