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3 Apps to Boost Your Productivity


In this blog series, we showcase small business IT cloud tools we think help our clients run their small businesses better. We don’t have any affiliation with the companies, nor are we concerned about increasing their sales. We just like these tools and think you will too.

Our smartphones have becomes extensions of ourselves. We’ve got access to the whole world through these little devices, which is both a gift and a burden. Endless tech can be a distraction and we only have so much time during the day to be productive. These apps will help you boost your productivity and help you stay focused, whether you’re using your phone or working at your desktop.

#1: Evernote for staying organized

Evernote is a dynamic note-taking and organizational app. It’s easy for you to create, store and edit documents that can be shared among multiple team members. It helps you avoid having to send yourself emails or make random notes on your smartphone (those ones you can never find again at a crucial moment).

You’re able to clip research from the web to save for later, as well as create task lists for you and your team.

You choose between a basic version (free), a plus version (fee based) and premium version (fee based). The higher plan you choose, the more features you’ll access.

#2: Freshbooks for accounting

Freshbooks is a cloud accounting tool. You can create invoices, track expenses, create financial reports, keep timesheets and send estimates. Unlike a lot of other accounting programs, Freshbooks uses plain language that’s easy for business owners to understand. It also has a simple interface to navigate.

The phone app syncs with the desktop version, so you can record payments from clients and customers on the go. If you or your business work with an accountant, he or she can log in directly and access financial reports.

#3: for more productive meetings is a task management and collaboration tool with a focus on making meetings smoother and more productive. It lets you share projects, files and tasks with your team. You can maintain a vertical activity feed for meetings that includes participants, deadlines and other important information. The app also creates insight reports that show how you’ve spent your time over the past week, which will help you and your team find balance and be more efficient.

Honourable mention: Slack for collaboration

We’ve already featured this app, but we love it so much we thought we’d mention it again. Slack is based around group communication. It’s a messaging tool for business that can be tailored to different themes and projects. It offers real-time messaging, file sharing and conversations (which can be among the group or happen one-to-one).

You can use it on your desktop or your smartphone — all the data is automatically synced — making it easy to manage projects and have conversations on the go. It helps your team stay productive (partly by avoiding emails). Read more about Slack here.

Curious about which cloud tools will enhance your productivity in your business? We're here to give you advice.

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